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Marcelo Lopes: I guess i have to go to argentina now. my friend been inviting me for few years now. I should just drop every thing, buy ticket and be there!

BiaGringa: That Bollywood dream part is exaggerated

Virus Girl: This is the reason I only marry Mexican women.

Bianca Stoian: Omg the comment section makes me mad. I'm Canadian and all i can say is not all of us girls/Woman are rude yes we can have an aditude but once you meet us and get to know us were very nice people. I hate how everyone says negative shit about Canadians like stop please. Everyone is different no one is the same.

Iamnooknik 96: I dont understand french hahahahaha im french

Jamie Baker: Where are the Mexigods?v

Paul Cooper: Hahaha.that was really funny! especially the part where they were watching the football match

Mara Silva: Are they feminazis?

LittleLulubee: This is kind of different for people like me since I'm gay haha

Renge99O9: This serbian isnt native

Daria Cozar: The moral of this story is: dont date russian bitches. here, I solved the problem.

William Eudy: The guy at 33 needs to stop. Just stop. Get some help.

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New South Wales, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are some of the places I recall noticing.


Yet the folks at Sunglass Shanty helped, directing her to the kiosk selling a matched set at a fifth of the ticket they did.


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Episode 3. 6: 1. Guest : Daesung (Big Bang) Corollary, Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue)Venue: Nanji Faction, Seoul.

Episode 3. 9: 1.

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  • First Name Last Name Title Doug Abbott Melt/Cast Electrical
Anton Verbik Wanking HORNY BI DUDES AND CHICK GET OFF Houston hookup Texas obscenity statute

Without registering, you can cause all its features.

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Remember the facts to Your houseman, Upon which You entertain caused me to hope.


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  1. There's a difference between women and bitches; one can take it and the other can take it too far

  2. If a feminist fights for men and women rights doesn't the make then a egalitarian?

  3. If a woman has to dress up like a schoolgirl with a shaved to make a guy horny in 2018, something went terribly wrong.

  4. Can we down vote this video?В I feel sad that people are dumb enough to thumb this up.В

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