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Next to Fugazi , April 12, in Flute Zero. That's the only reason that I somewhat rely upon this data. Who the hell would lie and require they're 5" or under?

I seen this shit on the news. The people from Lifestyles condoms went to spring break and actually measured dude's right there on the beach in exchange for some condoms. Like they woulda cared anyways. So I'd demand to say those numbers are pulchritudinous accurate of the spring breakers but not the encyclopedic public.

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5.9 Inch Girth

Follow 44 Sign In Sign Up. A girl needs at least 5. Register for a 12ozProphet forum account or sign in to comment You need to be a forum member in order to comment. Health forum guidelines Health and relationships hub Sexual health and contraception help Quick link: I know I don't have the worlds largest cock, but I do know that I know how to use what i have so I still will get the job done, a couple times over.

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  • I am getting married, and I have inches girth with inches length....
  • That sounds average to me, but girth is more important in my book than length. Keep in mind the length...
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