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I knew it was road ate to RSVP and I was not fervour annoying to manage someone I perceive to manoeuvre me so I righteous sat that individual out.

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Deep Ace: Haha was great to see the Turkish one !

Wikichris: If she's into me she won't let me kiss her even on the second date. so if she's not into me she will let me fuck her on the first date? que putas malparidas!

Anca Farcas: As far as I know , they are amazing women .

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Eetbeezkoo9: My boyfriend is Italian.this is 98 true! Can't believe it. Bravo!

Carl Lemaire: I have an Indian coworker in my office that I have lunch with every day. She has the most beautiful face I have ever seen. We laugh so much. She does not know that I love her. Sucks being me because she is married.

Lexy Quinnie: In love with Russian women! That's a god damned motivator right there!

Nicarr IDGAF: Respect their family, they will addopt you if you show respect!

T4MASHII: Yess anis say it louder! i find guys waaaay more attractive if they have some imperfections. im even fine with acne or pimples if theyre still confident

Vera Ps.: I'm italian but the spanish for me is beautiful

Sam Anthony: Alana and those speaking eyes :)

Apple Pie: How can you date a mexican woman if Trump builds the wall?

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Do your parents know the *real* you?

Mariel Meng: I need an irish women in my life *-*

Ana Victoria: How come there is no Argentinian Spanish? It's by far the sexiest one!

NINA HUMMER: How can you baulk at the spiciness of something and then posit that it originates in the US or Canada? smh

No Hombre: One person from a certain country likes this and that. Wtf is this supposed to mean? According to that logic I'd be wise to assume that most russian people are gay simply because my russian neighbour is gay.

G3-Pesty: Are most of those girls, trannies? Especially, that Greek girl?

Filip Gasic: Is she really polish or is she some kind of actor? Her polish is not native and pierogies aren't known for having big amount of meat. I can't trust this video. :(

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