Stone 156 - Portland Stone Deep (156)

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Zillwood, seeing two men, as he approached it, walk away from Stonehenge where, when he arrived, he for the first time saw the marks, newly cut, as he believed, by the very men who had just left the spot. In the following week, a letter dated Amesbury, September 28th appeared in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal, with the offer of evidence as to the modern character of the markings.

Unlike the other Trilithon Lintels, it also has a graceful curve in it. It may have been only that common but reprehensible vanity, which every day leads people to deface monuments of all sorts, by leaving on them a record of their visit. When you put all this together it means that L can only have been fitted one way.

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Write Your Own Review You're reviewing: As you quite rightly pointed out - the top would be left unfinished - if you make a mistake on the holes especially as they are so small you would just dig new ones in the right position even if both holes were in the wrong place, which is even more unlikely as the upright stones would cover the mistake and make it unnoticeable.

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Stone 156

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