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When Adam Russo needed some work done on his house it was fate to have Casey Everett show up. When Armond tells Adam his fantasy, Adam...

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Adam Russo , Chase Young 1 Comment. Adam Russo , Jed Athens 22 Comments. Talk turns to shopaholic wives and children engrossed in phones and video games. Tony is unsure if his buddy will accept him, but Adam assures him that won't give up on their friendship, reaching in for a reasuuring hug which ignites smth betwixt em.

Dirk Caber and Adam Russo indulge in good drinks and cigars in the executive lounge.

Black Soul99: Dude in the glasses was disrespectful. Im not even Brazilian to feel the disrespect the guy in glasses laid on the women there

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He's so open. I don't think I'm ready?

Adam Russo Icon Male
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How can i make friends in college?

When does eye contact become lusting/sexual?

Nick Salehi: Can you do Spanish people listen to different accents of the English language?

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Of sequel, I do my meeting while I'm among things.

This turns into Armond getting the fuck of his life, as Adam sucks off the younger man and then fucks his tight little asshole until the boy needs to cum. Mike has been married to his highschool sweetheart for three years. Dirk Caber and Adam Russo indulge in good drinks and cigars in the executive lounge.

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