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Male Exotic Dancer Has His Dick Sucked Dude It: What the FUCK?

Tranda Frunza: Also, the bit about status and having a well paid job is true. It applies to your own kith and kin as well. It's why I still work at a job I hate.

Yavor Popov: Shrugs shoulders for most of the pictures~IDK

Omg Nicolette: That Ukrainian girl is cute.Where did that asian dude go at the end of the 'poll'?

AntГіnio Dias: Please make a video on how you know you are dating a Dutch guy with this hottie, please! (Btw I'm also called Marina ;)

Basic Bird: Not really and i come from england and there shit

That One Dude: I was born and raised in Vegas so Maybe it's just me, but NEITHER one of these surprised me lmao.

Eleonora: I'm not even French but on a personality level I can relate to this

Shaik Khalid: I scrolled down expecting to see a bunch of creepy I'd date her comments, but instead everyone is being even worse. What the hell is wrong with you all?

AxyeH4Nk: Can i get that girls number ? lol

Vanyyy Llaa: Where was the Slovakian or Slovenian language?

SASJapan: Meanwhile, it should go without saying that Montreal women are the gold standard by which all women should be.

Lauren Lo: I would like to date an Irish woman I bet it's like dating a native American woman. Awesome video thanks

Hating Mirror: My bf is a kiwi with British family. I'm from Germany. strange combination

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Maggy Sarpaki: If a women doesn't open the car door herself, I'm driving off without her.

Xaverius 1: You know you are dating a danish woman when.

Doryphoros: I melt when I listen the accent from Spain. Maybe I'm biased due to good experiences with spaniards, and yes I'm mexican ;)

Mio Rios: Isn't it sexy though ?

Miguel Xavier: Listen to Greek literally every second day couldn`t figure it out.Sounds noting like it.But guess the greek chick sounded hot so everybody prefered that language.

Agust Hernan: What are you doing towd'?

Marcus Yu: Music is totally incorrect middle Eastern music.

Paul Sevenitz: That guy is slick but I wouldn't fall for that text me the picture crap.

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  1. I always tear up a little bit when I watch her videos because she's so non-judgmental about everything. It's nice.

  2. Someone's Youtube videos got demonetized so now someone figured out that harmful speech isn't as bad as punching someone in the face. Whatever.

  3. I have this video multiply times and it still gives me goose-bumps and chills. Right on Feminism!

  4. Laci, calling the notion of third and fourth genders Western is completely unfounded erases many indigenous cultures understandings of gender.

  5. I was going to leave the 97 thing alone but because you brought it up so many times, I'll say this. В

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