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June 27, 21 years old. Band around left forearm ; Heart entertwined with infinity symbol on lower right abdomen.

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Ironpirites: Hahahah SOOO funny !

Afghaaj: Don forget the guilt trips. Portuguese, men, and women, will make you feel guilty about everything.

Sixamaras: Do barbadian woman next

Thaliemiel: Frances da Franca ou Belgica ?

VideosGS: Was it really that hard to find a native Polish speaker?

Hooikidz: Omg that filipina is so beautiful. I want one

Randyhandbag: I dated a Russian guy years ago. He was very much like that. It's funny in the US if a woman doesn't pay or offer to pay, wait for him to call you entitled or a gold digger.

Ashly Mejia: Lack of freedom? Well they can't buy everything we can but they have the freedom to study whatever they want at their Universities and they also have access to medical care.

Abby Jacques: What about dating a German man?

Susi Herliana: Guy: just one hint please?

Lina Oh'soG: Very racist bullocks making Jamaican boys have to be 20 times nicer than all other boys to come across as decent. :P

Mark 1707: Enjoyed the video : Could you do one on dating Ecuadorian men!

Roth182: Scandinavian girls are honestly really slutty and boring, not much to them other than vaginas. Overrated asf.

Jashan Preet: I am Mexican, I was raised in Mexico and I never heard ANYONE mentioning any superstition regarding a broom over feet, a purse on the floor or sitting in table's corner. Who are your sources?

Arty Sorman: I would bang evelyn, elina and lucy all at the same time, Brazzers.

Adrian Thomas: It feels like it is more a polish woman then a russian well i havent dated much russians mostly polish and ukrainian

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Introducing New Boy Cole Cole Claire

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