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Dom Tops Worshiping Follow: I am loving this video. Every fucking second of this.

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Aakksshhaayy: I had a Ukrainian Stand Partner in orchestra for a year aha, sweet girl, they are very similar to Russians but they hold a strong natural animosity for them usually due to Russia's invasions of the country. If I'm not mistaken the terrible Ukrainian civil war started because of that? Half wanting Russian rule and the other half rejecting it? Someone enlighten me plz I enjoy conversation and don't get any of it tbh lol

Tsubame: I'm from Australia (greek background the part with the family is pretty accurate

Arpit Kapil: Ohhh Derek, I love you

Shinuzui: Sounds like a country that avoided the Catholiban brainwashing.

Anne Pasman: I don't think Spanish was well represented. Spanish from Spain sounds much better than Mexican.

Xprincessx2: Keep it up man! so cool!

London King: If you guys ever consider coming to Brasil, know you cab have a place to crash here, if you need it. My wife and I would be honored to receive you.

Steve Mac: Actually I'm French and everything that's told in this video is true. For me, date and having a relationship is pretty much the same thing xD

Allen Walker: I'm a South Korean and I love russian or eastern european women.D They are absolutely the prettiest people in the entire universe

Rapmons Jams: For your safety, do not be inconvenient or disrespectful to them They have a strong temper (especially the northern girls #Iamnotkidding#

Machopi: Yasss I was born in Lisbon and now I'm sleepy af.

Shawn Gregory: Oh my God. It's like freezing out there! It's like negative 10 today. It's insane

Hibercoco: Just be Yourself and thats it. Almost all pictures are showing some plasticy model guys (or gays). Next time show them a hard worker, a trashcleaner, a farmer, a truck driver, a construction worker, a machinist and so on. REAL MAN! This is the problem. If You are a simple worker, then nowaday is like a shame! Just the style is important eh?

Julia Soo Lum: I'm sorry but, having sex while drunk before even having a proper conversation is normal? it kinda sounds disgusting to me :/

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Why are women SO mean to each other on internet forums?

Gay Black Master Tumblr

Similar or opposite attract?

Back it up good! Note the graphic representation of the little lowercase j dwarfed by the big black spade. Please Sir and Me allow this lowly and worthless white to serve you. I hope My Black Master will keep me like this at times. The jack of spades.

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