Guy Abusing Himself On Cam - Horrifying video shows man violently beating his girlfriend

A man suspected of punching and kicking a dog in a video that sparked outrage has turned himself in, according to police in London, Ont. The video then...

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Hadi Farah: You should do You Know You are Dating a Romanian Woman next! Love the videos xx

M4R7U :3: Yes Australian girls represent!

Reza Taheri: I guess it would be really interesting!

Laura Reis: I screamed when I heard the scouse accent

Benjamin Trif: Personality is something we can work on later. The most impt is that shes young and hot.

John Scallan: If you don't know her, don't get too close and personal

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Awatso64: You can tell how much Thomas is in love with his wife. When they kissed that's the happiest I've seen him in this video! When her family friends asks what's wrong with him because of his resting-piss-off-face, she should just kiss him; then they'll all see how hard he can smile =D

Daisy Blue: Very interesting video.Pity one could not check the intelligence level of these guys?

Sunday 25 November UK News feed.
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  • Were talking democracy here.

  • Horrifying video shows man violently beating his girlfriend

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Eduardo Alves: No one chose German ? I am deeply depraced : i dont think we have the sexiest language or accsent but atleast not that bad that no one like it : .


Big Guy: The Turkish guy kinda looks like Lionel Messi. :D

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Prox Lime: Serbian and Croatian is the same lol

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No RaSora: Can u do Americans

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Eddie, who tells the programme that he is also attracted to adult women, says he has never abused children and does not plan to. One in ten million: With wife in hospital, B. Mr McFadyen was abused at Caldicott School, Buckinghamshire, where he was a contemporary of Nick Clegg, in the s and became a drug addict and child prostitute.

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