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LookHere3: Pokemon and no romanian? this video is dumb

Haitianxu: As a Russian man I love Brazilians they are very cool and friendly. But I think I won't be able to handle a brazilian woman with all that PDA nuances, soap operas, women being possessive etc. too much for me lol:)

Catellana: Where is M'erica ? The greatest nation on the face of the earth

Maria Ramirez: You know you are dating an Jew when she steals your foreskin and all your shekles

Jul1010: Omg! Turks and Greeks woman very similar. I love your videos.

Ildy Ker: Most Russian women know about hockey lol

Dave McKenzie: Being married to a Filipina, I can attest to the accuracy of the video. Lol. One thing they didn't show was how they use their eyebrows to signal yes or understood , et cetera.

Stratos Plmns: I like the girl in this, wow(and her sis is pretty too).

Tobias Balk: It would be to say western northern European countries! Not to the latin countries!

Paul Robin: Wats dit voor bullshit

Romina Han: In my country Somalia, women with a lot of hair on their head, eye brows and arms (yes arms :p are found beautiful, although i think this preference may fade soon. I found it interesting when I first heard in many other countries women with no body hair were preferred. Culture can be very interesting.

ArdoBlueMoon: What about Eastern Canada(Quebec, Montreal)? Are they in-between the two cultures?

Chas Farthing: Canadian money spotted looool BLYAAAAT 56

Amanda A: The geek one looks the cutest

Yuki Fandubs: Not because of superstition, you just don't put a purse on the floor. btw I'm mexican, and i'd never heard about any of the superstitions you put there. Anything else in the video is true.

Irana Tsch: Quebecois was more familiar to me so i felt a better connection because i understood it more strangely but the france french was definitely clear and movie like

Bedavelli: Women will directly lie about their standards and what they find attractive. They will never admit they're more attracted to someone who is ripped, or someone with a big wallet or dick, but 1 of the time they will ALWAYS be more attracted to someone like that. They subconsciously downplay how attractive attractive people are to them.

MylГ©na O.: Until you find out that her parents have already arranged a marriage for her.

Valen Reyes: LoL. This is soooo trueee.

Cassandra540: They also think nothing of leaning to one side and breaking wind, usually accompanied by a comment.

Luana Gomes: Girl, you got to show the Russian cheating rate!

Agua Em Fogo: Mexico here !

Name Surname: As a US born Indian, I found this to be way too backwards.

Maria Lopes: I loved this video. besides that, the actress is strikingly beautiful!

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Black Milf Sucking Black Cocks

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  1. Well my girl hasn't complained yet.quite the opposite. So keep raging youtubers. :D

  2. This actually made me feel so much better, being that I was abused before. Victim blaming is never right, folks. Never.

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