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The average teen spends one hundred minutes a week surfing for porn, according to research. The Home Office report adds that online porn is increasingly dominated by themes of aggression, power and control. Most young people in the UK now have access to the Internet. Finding porn online is easy with free porn sites that do not require credit cards.

Young people nowadays can access the internet on their phones, tablets, computers, which gives them even more of a chance of stumbling across porn sites. Young people are naturally curious, if they see a pop-up window they might click on it and be led to a porn site, or be sent links to it in via their junk mail.

They may also feel under pressure by their peers to take a look at porn too. They might be feeling curious if they hear their friends talking about what they saw and want to take a look themselves.

Real-life experiences Mum Karen walked in on her son masturbating to porn on his computer. Is real sex like it is in porn?

It could affect their concentration, studies and views on sex and relationships. These images were then sometimes circulated via mobile phone or online. During sex in a porn film, it may look like the sex and foreplay lasts for hours, the hair and make-up is never out of place, there is no mess or stains anywhere, etc.

Then I noticed the stuff he was looking at was getting more extreme and nasty.

Porn is just there to stimulate and arouse, while real sex is quite different. There are situations where adults in the family have been looking at porn and accidentally left the link open on their screen. It is not uncommon for young people who are viewing porn to get used to the general stuff and not get aroused as much and therefore have a need to seek out much more taboo porn.

Remember that your teen could access porn anywhere as long as they have internet access. Remove the webcam and ensure the computer is always in family areas. Pasadena singles

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