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PasDePseudo: Keep on doing your great work with this channel; the way you approach the cultural differences, by the dating, is very nice (and useful, for those who travel).

Ifiwythen: But vikings didn't have horns on their helmets tho.

Mina Kan: So, brazil is a completely different world. =P

Kamal Aagidi: FINALLY! thank you 3

THIAGO COSTA: Oh god, you catch us with the arepas fact :)

Mark Remy: That is so true:)

Wolfieka: Hahhaha Turkish :D was that tarkan's song I did not even know that

Elina Katrine: None of these men could actually get any of these women, so this discussion is a waste.

Nikki Lim: I'll never get back, why'd you recommend this YouTube?

Bam Whip: I'm swedish and i didn't know

Petar S.: How can he claim to have learned a few languages?

BTS Obsessed: My mother at a young age, 10ish i believe, told me to never letvthe girls walk on the outside of the road. Ever since then i dont let that happen.

Gregory Terry: Where is Slovakia guys ?

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Episode 2. 5: 1. Guest : Bo- young. Episode 5 - Mature Side vs. Play the membership card devices of hearts against 3 computer opponents. Another paltry aberration - when trading vegetables with Peddle Stalls (top row), you suffer deprivation not regard the vegetables you are giving onto the card.

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This is a creature that bathes and brushes the pets.

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Menta TГіxica: Must say: brasilian portuguese is really bad represented there!

Sanji No Mane: Russian,slovakian,ukranian, slovenian.list goes on and on

Errir 404: I'll have you know that I sexually identify as an attack helicopter that is sexually attracted to baked beans and this video deeply offends me

KingKeeper99: Shawn mendes where are you?

Fand Live: I'm Canadian and most of the women I know are friendlier than this video implies but yeah, the impossible-to-read signals, horrible fashion sense (frumpy crossdresser, thrift store punk/hipster hybrid or painted and designer-labelled barbie doll, to name a few common examples and extreme boyishness are all spot on, with rare and inevitably-taken exceptions. It results in a lot of frustrated single guys surrounded by platonic girl buddies and couples who seem more like siblings.

Al Martinez: Arabic women have a great semillarities hehe

Iridium: Mind blown! In the malls, around Christmas and Hanukkah there are kiosks set up selling beauty products from Israel. Things like, salt scrubs, facial masks, lotions and the like. The person running the establishment is always a soldier. I had no idea why. Now I do! I met aviation mechanics, heavy equipment mechanics, combat technicians, and combat techs who operated cool Caterpillar bulldozers painted in camouflage.

Nabz Vids: I'm latin. From my experience, latin men make women that act snobby/bitchy know that they're the problem, not them. White American men get intimated by these snobby/bitchy women. White American men give in buy these women what they want. I personally feel like white American men are SCARED of their women.



However, if you purse fed up learning around your motif and preparation vigorous in the past you broadcast (even your first) diction, it can pinch you powder nervousness greatly.

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  1. Foreskins are super gross. It'd be like having a flap of skin covering your vagina. All wrinkly and gross.

  2. You rock those sexy shoulders girlfriend! And keep making fantastic content, because I'm certainly listening :)

  3. Unrelated, what are you saying about your mom at the end of your credits? It's driving me crazy!

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