Supreme Hazing In Public - Parents of NIU student who died in 2019 fraternity hazing can proceed with lawsuit, court rules

A lawyer representing the family of the victim, David Bogenberger of Palatine, called the court ruling historic, saying it was the first time...

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Supreme Hazing In Public

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  • Fraternity Hazing: Why It's So Hard to Stop Student Deaths |...
  • The United States Supreme Court Building A Deadly Year in...
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Akash Joshi: I love how the vast majority of the comments likes to get their opinions from this video instead of having their own from real life experiences. It's a shame when a very large country is stereotyped into being just one thing when in fact we are a very multicultural country with people from all over the world. You can't simply some all of us up as a white guy from Toronto. I do enjoy your content though.

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