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Hinchapadre: Words have a huge impact on that.

Hipster Panda: Im persian and i was surprised when he said that lol

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Marina Wolff: After seeing all those videos about men from other countries

Damn, Son: Also, sarcasm and dry humour is not a Filipino/Filipina's forte. most of the time we take a joke too seriously and can't laugh at ourselves. :P :)

Lily CT: Do a video on Polish men/women.

Nabz Vids: Omg is it true that in the UK you are all obsessed with tan? Didn't know that

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You should differentiate my courses on now. I am unshakable we disposition at no time know.

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  1. 0:34 where did she get these facts about public schools? I'm asking a feminist the source of her facts. kill me

  2. Just watched this and all I can think is: How can anyone say that this explanation was transphobic/TERF-y/anti-feminist? Ugh. All the infighting needs to stop!

  3. This is a great video : honestly it was a powerful episode that needed to be talked about :)

  4. Yet girls at my school say guys have to ask girls out ad then complain about gender roles.

  5. Thank you Laci for being such an inspiration and standing up for what you believe in despite the haters <3

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