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Enjoyed my meals here. Would happily have something cooked by the team again in the future. I found the owners to...

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Thai Dream

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  • Thai-Dream - Mělnická , 65 Líbeznice - Rated based on 78 Reviews "...
  • We organize private and group tours, as well as other business arrangements and would love to bring you around...
  • Thai Dream, London - Bloomsbury - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number &...
  • Aug 13, It says "Thai Dream" on it and that it is supposed to make you feel zen which...

It is also home to some of Britain's most celebrated museums, including the must-see British Museum. What we ordered was excellent and delicious. Not what we were expecting. Does this restaurant offer table service? Is this a dessert shop? So what better to start Wednesday morning with an immersive video of the beautiful shores of Thailand. This felt more like a cheap takeaway than a restaurant.

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