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Found my baby book. Dad's Message to Me. I hope my son Kenneth will grow to be an upright, honest...

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Hartog eventually fell behind as Roberts and Sheene continued to battle for the lead. Ironically, Roberts has stated that he considers himself a dirt tracker at heart and only took up road racing because it was necessary to do so if a rider was going to compete for the Grand National championship. Archived from the original on 5 March In March, he battled Spencer to win his second consecutive Daytona and third win overall.

The season began disastrously for Roberts when he suffered career-threatening back injuries and a ruptured spleen in a pre-season crash while testing a motorcycle in Japan. Retrieved 17 December

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Kenny Riding Dick
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  • Kenneth Leroy Roberts born December 31, in Modesto, California is an...

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Dick Burleson's National points put him nearly points ahead of Ron for 4th place, with Bob Hartman behind hot-riding Kenny Keen and Dick James. Lyrics for Bitch Wanna Ride My...