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Benjamin Gszy: Some of us don't look moronic speaking in a different language, btw)

NarraSae: The polish one was really bad

N E N I: Another thing the flag IS out of date. Unfortunately I didn't notice when the editor sent it to me as I was too busy scanning the rest. No excuse but it is hard keeping track of everything so certain things do go unnoticed.

Karol K: Do Danish men next. I dated one once it'D be nice to see if he was the norm or not. thank you

Matt Kless: English guys love*

DesmoFan: Very similar to latin women

Rolan Sanchez: I'm slavic so I can't tell. Do Americans/British hear the difference between our languages? Like can you tell Ukrainian from Russian apart or example?

Micho Riso: AWWW I'm black-American and my boyfriend is imaginary lol.Anyway they're so sweet :)

Arzu Bhusal: Conversational shouting is the best! I do it with my family all the time!

Yuvraj Singh: Their acting sucks a little. Can yoi do American

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Jay Michaels: Oh my god I love these videos.

Marokchiller: I'm French from the north of France Lille and i thank the lady for trying to speak French.

Yo Mama: Have you ever read the 4-hour work week? Dude her parents will skin you alive, spit you and roast you in the front yard with that kind of attitude. MOST DECENT PEOPLES parents would.

LockedPig: Great video! Could u do a YKYD a woman/man from Uruguay?

InfoRome: Spotted dicks in the can

Ely Aksu: I wanted to write 10 but I can't think of anything more. Do you know any? I'm curious ;)

Exotic Flower: Would love to see a video on what it's like dating a Serbian man and Serbian women

Grace Tuesca: Europe maybe? Africa? Good job brain.

Celena Liu: I like Russian and Korean accent a lot. I have a really strong German accent:/

Intrepidro: Hope these men also have an American Wife

JT Jensen: Ha no one could understand the Scottish chick

Snowflakes 98: Russian women are quite scary in their bluntness and deviousness for sure and 1 times more emotionally unstable than a European!

Pharaon RODRI: This was very informative. acting was great, girl was beautiful. Can you do one on Canadian girls?

Couch Baggers: I only got wrong!


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  2. Twilight is just plain sexist. It preaches to girls that they should be submissive and that girls have no rights. Sexism in disguise.

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