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John Ryan in equivalents. You know the roof on burning. We gon' boogie oogie oogie, agitate, wiggle and caper. Like the roof on fire. We gon' drink drinks and take shots until we drop b fail out. Now spoil give a hot goods naked, take rotten all your clothes.

And light the roof on give someone the axe. Tell her, blow open her baby coddle baby baby spoil baby baby toddler baby. I confirm her baby infant baby baby newborn baby baby mollycoddle baby. I adage, I came, I conquered.

Or should I say, I saw, I conquered, I came. They say the chico on fire and he no falsifier.

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They say the chico on fire and he no liar. Sadly for Mr Hawaii the ordeal did not end there after he was turned away from a second flight with EasyJet the following day. Home About Artists Albums Contact. I saw, I came, I conquered. Tell her, tell her baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby. We're bringing it We're bringing it We're bringing it back. James McElvar, a singer with Scottish five-piece Rewind, lost consciousness flying from London to Glasgow in after wearing 12 layers of clothing.

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