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This looks super delicious and hearty, Emily. And it caught my eye because of the "high raw" description you gave it.

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Nadine A.: I don't like Danish women but they are pretty. I find they are WAY too liberal. Shallow social women. This is just my opinion. I lived in Europe and I can't imagine wasting good effort on a Danish woman. If it is just about sex then go for it.

Peppsineo: They like tall, square jawed, broad shouldered, WHITE guys. End of fucking story.

Cameron Barra: Greetings from Switzerland

Gloria M: This is why I don't like to speak Swedish. We sound like idiots.

Julia Tripodi: What the hell with the superstitions? It is not like at all ! It is only like that if you are the poor uncultured type that besides that is a trashy, dumb Mexican woman without class

Freedom: The reason why they though it was Portuguese is because Latin American Spanish accent and pronunciation is kinda smooth and can sound like Portuguese if you don't know about romance languages. Generally, Chinese people learn and hear more stuff in Iberian Spanish since our cultures are closer than you might think. That's why they can confuse Latin American Spanish with Portuguese.

Anna Tw: So has Justin Bieber's sorry became a national anthem yet?

Lizzy Swan: Imo french is at its hottest when foreign people speak it xD (french here)

Anne Tudor: You can't have this competition without argetina

Trippy Tiana: I got 4, love me some Swedish

Emmelien April 16, The Vegan Cookie Fairy April 15, I'm new to your blog and this is the first recipe I've tried! They all look great: And it caught my eye because of the "high raw" description you gave it. Anna Clifford April 21,

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Girls, how do you act around guys you like?

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Raw Teens Mmmmm

Publisher: rose If you're point of view that that is unattainable, you may maybe sham differently in a wink you understand the statistical authentication and strategies utilized. Publisher: Tina H Selbor An unoccupied, 47-years early daily takes the center tier and every one is laughing at her.

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  1. I am pretty sure that transforming genitals of a intersex newborn is illegal in France since 2005.

  2. Semantics aside: Yes they are! Ask any biologist. Look it up in any encyclopaedia or scientific textbook.

  3. Come on people, lets just get the knowledge, no need to freak out. How do you think women did it 2000 years ago

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