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Roman Lebedev: The accent is a pretty big giveaway

Shah Nawaz: When she confirms her green card status then disappears with your money and silverware.

Deep Ace: So true! I am from Austria and I have never been on a classic date, it was always just hanging out and seeing where it goes.

Hanni Guo: I am a German man and especially the first part was so accurate. xd

Micky Edwards: Dude 10/10 would bang her

Shem Lopez: Have you guys considered doing dating Scottish men/women? It'd be interesting to see

Helena Leite: NO thanks! Eh!

Sam Yao: I speak France and I'm a kid

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Ghita.Ehn: So funny lol

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Akber Khan: You know you are dating a French man when he is cheating on you and then cheats on that girl.

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Did everything opposite by the book. Can I get her back?

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SF7PAKISTAN: Good stuff! Agreed with all of it

Barbyriska: The Pakistani guy was so hot I'm cruiskng

Czechowa: Antonella sei uno spettaccolo. : 3

Fede Marin: You gotta love the japanese, straightforward everytime Yeah, she's cute; Yeah, she's hot; I don't like her;

Irish Panda: Black White dress girl ftw! that face! That smile! seems like she is a cheerful person with personality ! :)

UK Crime: Ew, that French was gross.

Salia Suale: I'll have you know that I sexually identify as an attack helicopter that is sexually attracted to baked beans and this video deeply offends me

Siddich: Could you do something for Ukranian woman? And if not that, maybe Irish?

Nuno Gomes: All women are stupid! . even your mom . the truth hurts but also sets you free !

TedTheAtheist: So bad, but so funny.

Nomad91910: From a spanish woman ;)

Swaggot: Your not aloud to laugh at my big fat Greek wedding because you know it's true

Snowbby Chen: Russian and French are such beautiful languages


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