Lewd Self Pollution On The Table - Lewd Self Pollution On The Table

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In the first place, self-pollution is actually a very great and rapidly increasing evil in our country. Let him exercise as much as he can through the day ; let him take an early, light supper, and take a good deal of active exercise before going to bed ; and, if his nocturnal emissions still continue, let him, just before getting into bed, repeat his shower or sponge or sitz bath, and follow it freely with the coarse towel.

I have known married gentlemen, who were so much troubled with habitual concupiscence, that they were inclined to consider themselves peculiarly constituted ; and were sometimes disposed to reason themselves into the belief, that, being thus tempered by NATURE, they would be justifiable in acts of incontinence. There is no point of morality of more importance ; and none that is intrinsically connected with so much difficulty.

It is too late in the day to reiterate the assertion tnat it is impossible to speak of these things without doing more CAil than good.


Thus by endeavouring to prove too much, his Argument has not proved what it might have done. So that, Avhile parents have IDCCII resting securely in the idea of the ignorance and purity of their children, these have been clandestinely drinking in the most corrupt and depraving knowledge from mercenary and polluted hands.

The construction of asylums to treat the mentally ill brought physicians into closer and more frequent contact with patients who masturbated often and openly. But we are perfectly certain that the peculiar excitement of venereal indulgence is more diffusive, universal, and powerful, than any other to which the system is ever subject ; and that it more rapidly exhausts the vital properties of the tissues, and impairs the functional powers of the organs ; and consequently, that it, in a greater degree than any other cause, deteriorates all the vital processes of nutrition, from beginning to end ; and therefore, more in juriously affects the character and condition of all the fluids and solids of the body ; and hence the terrible fact, that venereal excesses occa sion the most loathsome, and horrible, and calamitous disease that human nature is capable of suffering.

And those who are exposed to the Sea, or engag'd in other perilous Enterprizes, may even from thence reap Materials to subdue Lust and other disorderly Passions; and in these Cases, to overcome all Temptation, they shall have the express Word of GOD to assist them: BUT above all, Care must be taken, that this Grief be lasting; for Mens Sorrow is oftentimes but light at the beginning of their Conversion, as will easily be apprehended, if we but call to mind that there are two sorts of Sins.

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  • Thus, an early 18th-century treatise on The Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution advised young male readers...
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Lewd Self Pollution On The Table

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For that same reason, the act had on occasion been supposed to be unphysiologic as well; so perverse an assault on nature must necessarily injure the body designed by nature.

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  2. O.K. nice progress but now realize that men are under ALL of the same pressures but don't pretend that women aren't.

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