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Ohlaaax: Thats so greek.and i am a greek

Tamer Zagrali: Cant wait for the German edition :)

The Ghost: As a Romanian woman I feel this video doesn't do enough justice to Romanian women .they forgot to say how passionate , independent and hot tempered we are.we are also very smart we constantly looking to improve our CV and have high studies.we also like to take care of our men when they are sick or they need something , we are gelous , overprotective and willing to fight for them

Bishop Horse: This girl has really some trouble with her Polish, bet she left the country when she was very young and didn't really cared to learn her heritage language properly.

Roham ROW: It's not cafe-au-laut XD it means nothing. I think you wanted to say cafe-au-lait

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Amai Zankoku: Now I know Swedish is not sexy I'm from Sweden

Lily Banks: When adinner the Brazil time,afff is a trash

Amenik 3145: Ang Ganda namaan ni Clarissa.

IndianloveSRK: I think my dutch is not a Dutch kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

George State: Translate in English: inglesi finocchi teste di cazzo diversamente abili

Ronald Nixon: I had a gf Nina,best bj

Delany Gomez: Like 90 is true :p and the guy is the Benfica, so it's a perfect man :p and when you do a Portuguese girl?

Eugen Krause: What's with the accent?

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