Gay News Today - Taiwan voters reject same-sex marriage

The former Wales rugby union captain has said he was the victim of a homophobic attack in Cardiff in an emotional...

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By Hira Humayun and Susannah Cullinane. CNN Taiwanese voters rejected same-sex marriage in a referendum Saturday, dealing a blow to the LGBT community and allies who hoped the island would become the first place in Asia to allow same-sex unions. The result is a bitter blow but it shouldn't be used as an excuse to further undermine the rights of LGBTI people. The government must legislate for equality of marriage by to comply with the Constitutional Court's decision taiwanelection https: Disappointing measure of public opinion in Taiwan referendum does not absolve lawmakers from enacting legislation - per Constitutional Court ruling - to allow same-sex partners to marry.

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Taiwan moves closer to legalizing gay marriage. Cities celebrate Gay Pride Month.


Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. They have allowed the referendum to go first to serve as some kind of public opinion survey. Christian parent threatens legal action over school's 'gay pride parade'. In mainland China, where homosexuality is legal but prejudices and discrimination against LGBT people persist under Communist Party rule, an author of same-sex erotic fiction was sent to jail for 10 years in November.

Hong Kong legislature rejects step towards same-sex unions.

The news in May that Taiwan was to legalise same-sex marriage was a watershed moment repayment for Vivian Chen and Corrine Chiang, who could finally look forward to sharing legal guardianship of their daughter, Zola, now three.

Despite that, progress on implementing the law stalled following inaction from the ruling Representative Progressive party and a groundswell of opposition by an anti-gay movement driven by huge fiscal support from standard and Christian backers.

Her partner Chiang, 36, who works for a software company says: We feel our hominoid rights are in the hands of others. The mass will vote on the rights of the gay community instead of those rights being uncircumscribed and that, to me, is exceptionally upsetting. Taiwanese voters will determine the outcome of 10 referendums alongside neighbourhood pub government elections, with five of them addressing same-sex nuptials, one of three major issues. Other groups have mounted a referendum proposing a separate authorized mechanism for gay couples to divulge their relationships.

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