Buff Straight Soldiers Riding - Buff straight soldiers riding

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Buff Straight Soldiers Riding
Beck 1234: Okay what the heck I'm Brasilian and that didn't sound anything like my language. Lol

Rambo 23: OK, but normally Italian accent is the sexiest, but hers is just do fuck happened

Game Smash: My favorite one was the Spain one

IraqUpBeaches: The same girls who said the tattoos were off putting, and they didn't like tattoos on the first guy that had tattoos and looked like he was in an alternate band, liked the second guy in the motorcycle who had tattoos.

Alec Hogan: Hey Marina! It's so good to see how your channel keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's also great to see how you worry so much about the type of content that you put so keep the hard work! You should put some of the outtakes of your videos, I'm sure they are hilarious.

Shreya Ranjan: The french accent is definitely the sexiest !

The EDRgaming: This video wasn't my favorite.

Mu Brunheira: No Geordie really? Hahah

Nakic Avdic: Latin women Nordic women

Amy Feehily: It's pretty accurate I believe haha could you make one about dating an Uzbek man?

Bitch Lasagna: You should add gross over reactions to every thing lots of yelling, and overly religious and a disgusting need to be held in approval by family members and bullshit excuses to there actions such as it's because I'm Mexican or if you know how I am why are you dating me ?

Gabi Elle: HMMMMMM Illuminati confirmed

SarahSmile: Or the deep bellowing

Frenchmakeup: I am from Norway, people always ask if I am german and what I think of Breivik and why I dont like sweden. you dont hear me bitching.

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How should i act? am i being too easy?

If I hadnt talked the Baron into reading blogs, if exclusively Id kept to reading books and oh, dialect mayhap Drudge championing the news… but no, I had to exposed my gigantic mouth.

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  2. All of these reasons are not that factually correct. but a lot are subjective.

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  4. Girls don't wear makeup to impress men, it's to impress other women. The peer pressure is strong.

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