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Want to better understand Donald Trump’s presidency? Read Tom Wolfe | South China Morning Post - Sunnyvale hookup

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We have abundant evidence that elements in his administration are corrupt; that he himself is a lecher and a philanderer; that he has no qualms about pandering to racial prejudice; and that he has no attachment to the constitution. The endless variety is not sitting there just for window shopping, visit the porn site and watch the extreme action of fetish and bondage porn where dominating nature of cock is lost and females are dominating every aspect of sex. Monday, 21 May, , 5: Javascript is disabled in your browser.

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No other book, it is generally agreed, better captured the atmosphere of mids New York. But Trump had already come into being: But the novels are Wolfe's masterpieces, exploring mercilessly the country's three proficient obsessions: They can now be reread — and relished — as trailers for Trump's presidency, which is simultaneously, fascinatingly, horribly on every side all three.

If Trump-Kim summit happens, what next? China-US relations offer clues. First and money. And there Cohen is in chapter 24! You get what you pay for. And his inner monologue has more than a little Trump about it. A mountain of it!

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So, you served in Exultant Do battle II.

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