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Mandilin Beth: The italians do it better

Ravenlips: I am russian, and I feel like this is a bit far-fetched, sorry guys

Jacob Snell: Japanese Korean Russian Irish(english , Irish Gailec , German(depends on speaker tho Mongolian for me

John Griffin: Irish is English sort of lot of mumbling

Emilie Belyea: Being Irish, I can debunk half of these.

O Isqueiro: I belong in Europe then. Why am I Stuck in the USA

Julian Aldana: I think it's a very cultural thing. Here in Brazil for instance, I only split the bill twice in my whole life. The guy is expected to pay always, even when you become serious. If the guy doesn't pay on the first date he will hardly get a second one. It's not really a money matter, it's just that the guy is expected to be a gentleman.

Tas Maker: Todo mundo quer rapo rapo lepo lepo com os br skkskskskksksksk

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Anis Moh: Where are the tittys

Kike1212: Please, Please, could you make a You know you're dating a Dutch woman when ?

Yujil Da: Cara para de enventar coisa nem todo brasileiro e assim alguns nem cute futebol e outros sao romanticos

Julia Werneck: Freedom for Cyprus and Constantinople!

Miih Momy: This makes me ashamed to be British

Redo Putra: German habits are dumb. Even as a German, guys, really? If you have a good time? we're in 21st century, but Gentlemen are still sexy

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