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When is talking about sex, sex toys and pleasure NOT fun? Why not combine the fun topic of sex with getting together with friends? A sex toy party is much...

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When is talking about sex, sex toys and pleasure not fun?? Presentation approximately 60 minutes from a Sex Educator. Reliable and accurate information. Private and easy ordering via iPad. Orders processed and shipped next business day. When you host a sex toy party with My Secret Soiree, you will have a very different experience from other sex toy parties. Some people might feel uncomfortable talking about sex and sex toys with their friends.

That is why we offer 1-on-1 private consultations. We do a private Soiree just for you and your Partner , where we show all the products just like a regular Soiree. Consult fee and minimum purchase required.

Sex toy parties with My Secret Soiree includes: How is My Secret Soiree different? Unlike other companies, we only offer high quality adult passion products:

I once had a guy ask me if girls having a sex toy party is the female equivalent of guys going to the strip club.

Some do it for fun and to make extra money, while others do it because they are interested in teaching you about sex toys and pleasure. I once had a guy ask me if girls having a sex toy party is the female equivalent of guys going to the strip club. You will learn how our products are from the best manufacturers, as well as how they will enhance your sex life. For invitations, these days, a text or an evite is sufficient.

This is a fun event where friends get together and talk about sex. Wilmington singles

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Sex Toy Parties For Men

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Learn how My Secret Soiree is very different from other sex toy parties. Standard Sex Toy Party Soiree/Workshop for Women, Men & Couples – ALL Genders. Do you want to host the best sex...