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Am I being ****ed around?

Eden Ach: Lmao cuz bitches be stupid

MoroShirokami: Anyone got reasons why ?

Jayjay Reton: That North American man is confused most of the time. Lol.

Virtuoso80: Dutch women please!

Ellariah: Do a French Canadian next lol. Also you try a New Zealander. If you want someone to play the NZ man. I'd be keen. I'm living in Wales atm but I might be going to France next month for skiing.

Nagato Ryu: I support my Mexican and white interracial all day! Lol

Wh2mbarz: What this is not true

Andy D.: Omfg im ashamed, im Jamaican and i spend ssoooo much time up Asia's ass i didnt even get the Trinidadian one I love your contents! from South Korea-

MEDENI JIMIN: All I took from this video was dont


Bala Cynwyd PA Single Gay Men

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Aitana Romero: God, I want to meet eglish woman.

Jose Perez: But wont admit till your already inside them!

Alew Wil: Yeah. that's pretty accurate lol

Luvsachkash: So Russian women are stuck up bitches. Got it!

Leon Rowe: If we go to any type of holiday event with my family he brings gifts, my parents have started reciprocating but it still confuses them.

MistaSmith: Funny how everyone basically dissed Ben hahahaha

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